Capel in our hearts and prayers and let the Capel family

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Capel in our hearts and prayers and let the Capel family

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Several years ago, dismayed the way Duke was being portrayed in the news media and social media, Coach K and his staff made the decision to change its approach to social media so that a more positive and realistic impression of Duke basketball would be out there.

It’s worked really, really well. One of our favorite aspects of that is letting the players drive and turning the cameras and microphones over to them.

Another great approach are things like Capel Camp Nick Pagliuca Jersey, where assistant Jeff Capel works with players and breaks down what he likes and what they need to work on.

In Volume 2, he sits down with Marques Bolden and breaks down video with the talented young big man. It’s cool to see how they approach it and it’s not just about technique and effort. Tellingly, Capel focuses a fair amount on what Bolden communicates, both verbally and non verbally.

Speaking of Capel, his father’s illness has obviously progressed since we saw him in Cameron this past spring he has been diagnosed with ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease . The public part of this, the acknowledgement of his terminal condition, was handled last spring and most of what happens from here is as private as the Capels want it to be. But the rest of us can keep the elder Capel in our hearts and prayers and let the Capel family know that we are thinking of them in this most difficult time.
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